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Stamtavla för amerikansk cocker spaniel / Pedigree for american cocker spaniel
Efter/Sire: Fiddle-Stick's Who Did That
Undan/Dam: Carillo American Pie

Fiddle-Stick's Who Did That Fiddle-Stick's That's It Fiddle-Stick's Miles Ahead NO UCH INT UCH Marquis Fiddler On The Roof US CH Rexpointe Shazam
US CH Marquis Ms Mari
Triplemint's Modern-Millie NO UCH Triplemint's Maraccas
Marquis Rebecca
Fiddle-Stick's My-Own-Chose Syringa Chosen-Highway NO UCH Triplemint's Maraccas
NO UCH Triplemint's Mistletoe
Marquis Born to Queen US CH Checkerboard Ric-Rac
US CH Feinlyne Friezee
Willow-Wind Frandee's Max Factor US CH Marquis Commander Cody Sonata's Holiday Caper
US CH Feinlyne Friezee
US CH Frandee's Flurry US CH Rexpointe Shazam
US CH Frandee's Susan
Fiddle-Stick's Borntobe-Alive NO UCH Triplemint's Maraccas Erskin
Triplemint's Souvenir-Girl
Fiddle-Stick's Born-Ontheroof NO UCH INT UCH Marquis Fiddler On The Roof
Marquis Born to Queen
Carillo American Pie Speedwagon's From A Jack to A King Triplemint's Magic-Moon NO UCH Ga-Bark S Bombay Souvenir US CH Uhlwin Unavailable
US CH Ga-Bark's Baroda
Ekhorst Am Alabama Moonshine NO UCH Chicos Gigolo Black Star
Leavenworth The Lazy Little Susan
NO UCH INT UCH Triplemint's Merrygait NO UCH INT UCH Marquis Fiddler On The Roof US CH Rexpointe Shazam
US CH Marquis Ms Mari
Marquis Rebecca US CH Marquis Here Comes Trouble
Marquis Misletoe
NO UCH Ice Star Von Mein Heim US CH Burson's Style Master US CH Homestead's Barnstormer US CH Rexpointe Flying Dutchman
Femme Fatale's Flirtatious
US CH Burson's Byline US CH Rexpointe Reprint
US CH Putnam's Dear Abby
Breeze Ice-Crystal US CH Dreamridge Domineer US CH Dreamridge Dominoe
US CH Dreamridge Dot Your Eye
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