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Stamtavla för cavalier king charles spaniel / Pedigree for
Efter/Sire: Beliboon's Watson
Undan/Dam: Cavaliertorpets Angelique

Beliboon's Watson Rytonian Oliver Twist GB CH Salador Celtic Prince Salador Chelsea of Loranka GB CH Huntsbank Solitaire
Salador Crumpet
Salador Cherrybird GB CH Cadeyrn Black Tulip
Salador Crumpet
Rytonian Enola Gay GB CH Homaranne Carson GB CH Homaranne Caption
Homaranne Carmin
Kershope Rytonian Solitaire GB CH Homaranne Caption
Sweet Briar Capricious Capri
Beliboon's Odetta-Odile SE UCH Nocturnes Jarwick NORD UCH INT UCH Cero NORD UCH INT UCH Crisdig Pumpkin
SE UCH Sazzas Chanelle
Nocturnes Adeline Lochbuie The Saint
Höjdens Qwicky
Gnistans Babble Gnistans Gidde NORD UCH Gnistans Quip-King
Fighting-Spirit's Kizzy
Gnistans Ravenna NORD UCH INT UCH Trademark of Lochbuie
Gnistans Marthina
Cavaliertorpets Angelique Bemac's Black Arrow SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Rossbonny Triple Ace GB CH Cherokee of Rossbonny at Delhaze GB CH Homaranne Caption
Kindrum Coleen of Geronsart
GB CH Triple Mint From Amantra at Rossbon Amantra Dicky Mint
Sousa Marches of Marally
Sperringgårdens Cristabelle SE UCH Sperringgårdens Cezanne FI UCH Lagoon Dany
NORD V-82 NORD UCH INT UCH Sperringgårdens Zamantha
Sperringgårdens Fortuna NORD UCH INT UCH Apricot Fortune
Cavaliertorpets Rebecca Charlottenhills Freddyman SE UCH Gnistans Swiphy NORD UCH INT UCH Trademark of Lochbuie
Höjdens Quarrie
Charlottenhills Belinda Lochbuie The Saint
Gnistans Bessika
Rodero's Rose-Anna Höjdens James NORD UCH INT UCH Trademark of Lochbuie
Höjdens Harmoni
NORD UCH INT UCH Rodero's Bella-Sharon NORD UCH Leynsord Lancelot
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