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Stamtavla för cocker spaniel / Pedigree for cocker spaniel
Efter/Sire: Strandmarkens Blue Moon
Undan/Dam: Panhur's Cinderella

Strandmarkens Blue Moon Strandmarkens Spirit of Life Kriss Top's Walk of Life VDH CH CH UCH Yoopie La Vie Du Bois Des Amourette CH UCH Tripol's Tennesy Walz
Histoire D'amour Du Bois Des Amoure
SE U(U)CH Line Sam Gina Fieldstone Trapper Mcmurphy
Line Sam Glory of Love
Brightwood's Share of Gold Lemonade Lynwater Look Me Up
Merriness Noblesse
Westerner Heartlight SE U(U)CH Westerner Blowin Free
Westerner Forest Sno'white
Strandmarkens Your Song Stocdale American Prayer PT CH Lynwater Tiger Moth Harris of Lynwater
Lynwater Mayflay
Lara De Campollano PT CH Stocdale Make Dreams
Trocadero's Misty Blues
Strandmarkens Shine A' Light Stocdale Let's Talk About Rain PT CH Stocdale Calipso Magic
PT CH Lynwater Mirage
Westerner Heartlight SE U(U)CH Westerner Blowin Free
Westerner Forest Sno'white
Panhur's Cinderella A One's Aldebaran Symbiosis Star Struck Shenmore Star Voyager GB SHCH Palacecraig Go West
GB SHCH Shenmore Seeing Stars
Symbiosis Star Attraction Kendalwood Caduceus
Symbiosis Standing Ovation
WW-98 C.I.E. FI UCH VDH CH DE CH Moonlight Mattie Vom Rauhen Holz PT CH LU CH Stocdale Dragon's Sonata PT CH Lynwater Tiger Moth
Lulu's Back in Town From Duntarvie
VDH CH LU CH DE CH Blue Pearl Vom Rauhen Holz VDH CH DE CH Ramiro Vom Rauhen Holz
Ilonka Vom Rauhen Holz
SE VCH Tapioka's Kisses of Fire SE UCH Tomboys Always Chocolate Time Tomboys Another Chocolate SE UCH Tomboys Go Ahead
Tomboys Tripper Wire
Tomboys Call Me Paula Tomboys Up and Down
Parisade Chocolatesonata
Westerner Tellin Stories Lynwater Look Me Up Lynwater Eilean
Lynwater Secrets Out
Westerner Rose For Lady Blue SE U(U)CH Westerner Blowin Free
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