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Stamtavla för cocker spaniel / Pedigree for cocker spaniel
Efter/Sire: Travis Upside of Anger
Undan/Dam: Bright Mornings Si'lent Kiss

Travis Upside of Anger NO UCH Travis Vital Spark NO UCH Tomboys Tailor Made SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Tomboys Try to Night NO UCH Travis Tribute to Helenwood
SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Tomboys Just For You
SE UCH Tomboys Brown Betty Boop SE UCH Parisade Chocolatesonnet
Travis Neon Lights SE V-89 Leavenworth It S A Pleasure NO UCH NORD V-79 Leavenworth Lucky Strike
FI UCH INT UCH Leavenworth Secret Kisses
SE V-92 Travis Fool's Game NO UCH Travis Tribute to Helenwood
Travis Foolish Pleasure
SE U(U)CH NO UCH Travis Hell No SE V-96 Travis Touch Mark Beligar Midas Touch GB SHCH Cleavehill Pot of Gold
Kelford Black Magic
Travis Loch Lomond SE V-95 Lochdene Copper Kettle
NORD V-94 NO UCH Travis Double Up
Travis Rising Hell Beligar Midas Touch GB SHCH Cleavehill Pot of Gold
Kelford Black Magic
Travis Hell's Angel Travis Harley Davidson
Travis Wishing Star
Bright Mornings Si'lent Kiss Paisley's Walk With Me SE U(U)CH Claramand B'serious Claramand Caruso Marand's Paint It Black For Clarama
Claramand Cameo at Selnna
Lujesa Lullaby For Claramand GB SHCH Quettadene Endeavour
Lujesa Summer Breeze
SE U(U)CH Paisley's Kiss For A Rose Greentree Dont Think Twice Greentree Hope'n Success
Greentree Noccalula
SE U(U)CH Paisley's Golden Girl Northworth Horn Fighter
Bright Mornings Rebel Streak
SE U(U)CH Bright Mornings Kiss Me-Quick Sheerclever Hype Charbonnel Sheer Genius GB SHCH Canigou Mr Happy
GB SHCH Charbonnel Fair Cher
JEUW-91 FI UCH INT UCH Charbonnel Sheer Clever Helenwood Sounds Familular
Salora Painted Angel of Covana
Bright Mornings Raindrop Bright Mornings Sunlight Bright Mornings Jackpoot
Travis False Colours
Bright Mornings Remember Me Greentree Dont Think Twice
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