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Stamtavla för cocker spaniel / Pedigree for cocker spaniel
Efter/Sire: Carrier Eurorythmics
Undan/Dam: Samcock's You Drive Me Crazy

Carrier Eurorythmics Wedelta's Ibsen Lynwater Summer Sun Lynwater Lewis of Quasar Weirdene Workman
Lynwater Silver Sheet
Kathand Rowena Lynwater Second Chance
Kathand Melanie Mystique
Wedelta's Alexia Liecocks Meek-Minstrel Greentree Applejack
Travis Tweed Effect
Wedelta's Remember Me Wedelta's Orfeus
Sofus Snow-Queen
Carrier All Whatyouwant DK UCH FI UCH Northworth Successnmillion NORD V-86 NORD V-85 Leavenworth Kissingsuccess Bidston Solomon
FI UCH INT UCH Leavenworth Butter Kiss
FI UCH INT UCH Millionsofluck FI UCH Leavenworth Wish Me Luck
Northworth Farewell Kiss
Carrier Eyes Food Tomboys Brown Stone SE UCH Parisade Chocolatesonnet
Wildfire Ruma ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
Samcock's You Drive Me Crazy NORD UCH Westerner Forest Blaze Weststar Flash Point Travis More Pleasure SE V-89 Leavenworth It S A Pleasure
Travis Wild Gossip
Westerner Heavenly Blue Mossdew Starry Night
Westerner Light Music
Lynwater Forest Flower Quasar Zodiac Pinkyburn Predominate
Glencora Starlit
Lynwater Wallflower Lynwater Lewis of Quasar
Hazelnut of Lynwater
Westerner Classic Sound Greentree Sugarbowl Travis Master Charge Normanview Masterpiece at Kennelbou
NO UCH Celeste of Helenwood
Greentree Fame NO UCH Travis Jive Talkin'
Westerner Blue Lightning
Westerner Go Lucky SE UCH Branflic Serenade Harwenprince Sonata
Branflic Blue Minx
Westerner Light Music Tomboys Up and Down
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