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Stamtavla för cocker spaniel / Pedigree for cocker spaniel
Efter/Sire: A One's Aldebaran
Undan/Dam: SE VCH Love Cox's It's A Promise

A One's Aldebaran Symbiosis Star Struck Shenmore Star Voyager GB SHCH Palacecraig Go West Glowhill Appollo Severn
Palacecraig Be Fair
GB SHCH Shenmore Seeing Stars GB SHCH Bitcon Troubador
Shenmore Starlet
Symbiosis Star Attraction Kendalwood Caduceus ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
Symbiosis Standing Ovation ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
WW-98 C.I.E. FI UCH VDH CH DE CH Moonlight Mattie Vom Rauhen Holz PT CH LU CH Stocdale Dragon's Sonata PT CH Lynwater Tiger Moth Harris of Lynwater
Lynwater Mayflay
Lulu's Back in Town From Duntarvie Lynwater Lewis of Quasar
Thanatol Blue Mist
VDH CH LU CH DE CH Blue Pearl Vom Rauhen Holz VDH CH DE CH Ramiro Vom Rauhen Holz Craigleith Fieldfare
VDH CH DE CH Hella Vom Rauhen Holz
Ilonka Vom Rauhen Holz VDH CH Chart Topper at Classicway
Frauke Von Der Pussta
SE VCH Love Cox's It's A Promise Cockados Major Tom Carillo Cylvester NORD V-95 SE V-93 NO V-93 DK UCH NO UCH Carillo Chubby Checker NO UCH Travis Celeste's Pleasure
NO UCH Craighleith Camille
NO VCH Carillo Crissy Joy Crawford Happy Lad
Carillo Crissy Doll
Cockados Special Prayer Weststar Flash Point Travis More Pleasure
Westerner Heavenly Blue
Cockados Very Special NO UCH Travis Tribute to Helenwood
Cockados Abstract Wings
Westerner Witches Promise Tomboys Another Chocolate SE UCH Tomboys Go Ahead SE UCH Tomboys Boot Jack
Westerner Good Day Sunshine
Tomboys Tripper Wire SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Tomboys Try to Night
SE UCH Tomboys Brown Betty Boop
Westerner Looking Lovely SE UCH Tomboys Always Chocolate Time Tomboys Another Chocolate
Tomboys Call Me Paula
Westerner Bright Evening Travis Let's Tango
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