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Stamtavla för cocker spaniel / Pedigree for cocker spaniel
Efter/Sire: Westerner Flying Scotchman
Undan/Dam: Summer Girl's Bibi

Westerner Flying Scotchman SE U(U)CH Westerner Hi-Flyer SE U(U)CH Westerner Blowin Free Westerner Bless The Light Nightmist Touch of Luck
Lynwater Forest Flower
Westerner New Day Rising Westerner Sagacity Lad
Nightmist Nice-Girl
Samcock's Sun-E Lynwater Summer Sun Lynwater Lewis of Quasar
Kathand Rowena
Westerner Tread Softly Travis More Pleasure
Westerner Touch Light
Mainel's Wind Whisper Skjervtun's The Gambler NO UCH Travis Hell For Leather Beligar Midas Touch
Travis Hell's Angel
Tomboys More Chocolate SE UCH Tomboys Mister Mc Cloud
Tomboys Help My Tail
Mainel's Winds O'change NO UCH Mainel's Eastern Wind NO UCH Tomboys Tailor Made
Tomboys New Model
Carola Happy Girl Crawford Happy Lad
Latifa's Fancy
Summer Girl's Bibi SE U(U)CH Love Cox's Passion For Chokolate Tomboys Another Chocolate SE UCH Tomboys Go Ahead SE UCH Tomboys Boot Jack
Westerner Good Day Sunshine
Tomboys Tripper Wire SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Tomboys Try to Night
SE UCH Tomboys Brown Betty Boop
Westerner Looking Lovely SE UCH Tomboys Always Chocolate Time Tomboys Another Chocolate
Tomboys Call Me Paula
Westerner Bright Evening Travis Let's Tango
Westerner China Flower
Summer Girl's Kiara Lynwater Spearmint Lynwater Ruststone Lynwater Rustic Bell
Rainbow of Lynwater
Lynwater Lilac Lynwater Oronsay
Lynwater Wallflower
Diamonhill's Äh Nice Summer Girl Greentree Dont Think Twice Greentree Hope'n Success
Greentree Noccalula
Spinneyhill Summer Breeze Canigou Victor of Cornbow
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