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Stamtavla för cocker spaniel / Pedigree for cocker spaniel
Efter/Sire: Westerner Highland Legend
Undan/Dam: Best-Wich

Westerner Highland Legend Lynwater Look Me Up Lynwater Eilean Lynwater Lewis of Quasar Weirdene Workman
Lynwater Silver Sheet
Lynwater Silver Sixpence Pinkyburn Predominate
Kathand Lothian Lass
Lynwater Secrets Out Lynwater Secret Service at Rancecra Lynwater Final Secret
Lynwater Dragonfly
Lynwater Cafe Au Lait Yardew Bellringer
Lynwater Little Maid
SE U(U)CH Westerner Play For The Gallery SE U(U)CH Westerner Blowin Free Westerner Bless The Light Nightmist Touch of Luck
Lynwater Forest Flower
Westerner New Day Rising Westerner Sagacity Lad
Nightmist Nice-Girl
Westerner Forest Wildflower Weststar Flash Point Travis More Pleasure
Westerner Heavenly Blue
Lynwater Forest Flower Quasar Zodiac
Lynwater Wallflower
Best-Wich SE U(U)CH Vignett's He's Good Looking SE U(U)CH Westerner Heaven Is Blue SE U(U)CH Westerner Blowin Free Westerner Bless The Light
Westerner New Day Rising
Lynwater Forest Flower Quasar Zodiac
Lynwater Wallflower
Vignett's She's Got The Look NO UCH Travis Tribute to Helenwood NO UCH Deewell Senator
NO UCH Celeste of Helenwood
Vignett's Capriccosa Greentree Applejack
SE UCH Breeze Pizzerina
SE U(U)CH NO UCH Vignett's Fixed A Chocolate Mix Leavenworth Mixed Spice Allspice's Salt and Pepper US CH Ballyweel's Blue Chip
US CH Carry On Amber Dianthus
Call Me Madam of Craighleith Craighleith The Great Waltz
Shy Princess of Prowse
Tomboys Perfect Chocolate SE UCH Tomboys Mister Mc Cloud SE UCH Parisade Chocolatesonnet
Tomboys Star Quality
Tomboys Powder Puff SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Tomboys Try to Night
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