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Stamtavla för flat coated retriever / Pedigree for flat coated retriever
Efter/Sire: SE UCH Sherlock's Waterline
Undan/Dam: SE UCH LP SE JCH Hovhills Chartreuse

SE UCH Sherlock's Waterline (s) SE UCH O'rust Holebright (s) Woodman (s) Heronsflight Tinker (s) Heronsflight Tercel
Fenrivers Lily
Yonday Weaver-Bird (s) Kenstaff Whipster
Claverdon Flapper
Torpedos Black-Beauti (s) Musslans Chimneysweeper (s) NORD UCH INT UCH Celebrity of Ryshot (s)
Ryshot Whinchat (s)
Alexandra (s) NO UCH Stolford Sepoy (s)
Donna Bella
Sherlock's Pigeonfinder (s) Firestep Bruce-Bright (s) SE UCH NO UCH Cinnamon Spirit O Evil (s) NO UCH Melody-Maker (s)
GB CH Ryshot Copper Ring'o Fire (l)
SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Cinnamon Bonnie Bright (l) NO UCH Cinnamons Tcopper Fire Jr. (l)
NO UCH Ryshot Copper Brightfire (l)
LP SE JCH Scallywag Ticatla (s) NO UCH Hallbent Dawn Patrol (s) Yonday Marshal
Hallbent Dark Dawn
NO UCH Kloppetiklopps Pigeon (s) NORD UCH INT UCH Puhs Herakles
SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Apports Glencheck (s)
SE UCH LP SE JCH Hovhills Chartreuse (s) SE UCH FI UCH SE JCH Gunhills Cheiron (l) NO UCH Gunhills Gus Guy (s) GB CH Tonggreen Sparrow Boy GB CH Fenrivers Golden Rod
Tonggreen Swift
SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH Downstream Ambleside Jill (s) CH Wood Way
Charlotte of Roysia
SE UCH Puhs Freja Ryshot Copper Fire Ryshot Copper Rambler
Ryshot Swallow
NORD UCH INT UCH Puhs Hestia SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Blakeholme Jamie
NORD UCH INT UCH Downstream Hestia
SE UCH Hovhills Kiss-Me-Quick (s) SE UCH Quicksilver Courage (s) GB CH Courtbeck Mercury GB CH Claverdon Comet
GB SHCH Halstock Joanna
Wyndhamian Carmella Heronsflight Tercel
Wood Lass
NORD UCH INT UCH Hovhills Lillefix (s) NORD UCH INT UCH SE JCH Twinkles Forest Friend (s) Jupiter of Chadwell
SE UCH Gemini (s) NO UCH Stolford Sepoy (s)
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