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Stamtavla för flat coated retriever / Pedigree for flat coated retriever
Efter/Sire: TJH SE LCH SE JCH Hinnared's Mutter
Undan/Dam: Comics Brasilia

TJH SE LCH SE JCH Hinnared's Mutter (s) SE L(ELIT)CH SE LCH LP SE BCH Bamse (s) Stardustman (s) SE UCH Quicksilver Courage (s) GB CH Courtbeck Mercury
Wyndhamian Carmella
Hovhills Musicgirl (s) Waterproof Mc Cloud (s)
NORD UCH INT UCH SE JCH Gunhills Galant Girl (s)
Jessica (s) SE UCH NO JCH SE JCH Micawber (s) NORD UCH INT UCH Celebrity of Ryshot (s)
SE JCH Hovhills Gradelylass (s)
Fimelia (s) SE UCH Quicksilver Courage (s)
SE UCH Hovhills Cherrygirl (s)
Hinnared's Bolla (s) Kentoo Kelvin (s) IE CH GB SHCH Shargleam Blackcap GB CH Damases Tarquol of Ryshot
GB CH Yonday Willow-Warbler of Shargleam
Shargleam Grebe Wizardwood Tawny Owl
Shargleam Bunting
Bhalgairs Creampuff (s) NORD UCH INT UCH Latchford Snobben (s) Cowboy (s)
Albertina (s)
Storspovens Augustina (s) Commando (s)
SE UCH Björshults Ginger (s)
Comics Brasilia (s) FI V-95 SE V-95 NO V-93 SE V-92 INT&NORD UCH SE JCH Almanza Emergency Brake (s) SE V-90-91-93 NO V-91 FI UCH NORD UCH INT UCH Almanza Larry O'grady (s) Gunhills Ear of Esophagus (s) SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH Gunhills Criss-Cross (s)
Gunhills Little Ear of Maize (s)
Scarlet-O'hara (s) NO UCH Puhs Raven (s)
Tar-Miriel (s)
SE UCH Almanza Forbidden Love (s) Mountrose Gordon Eddie (s) NORD UCH INT UCH Celebrity of Ryshot (s)
Stolford Felicia (s)
SE UCH Almanza Deep-Feeling (s) Pellagårdens Splendid (s)
Wolfhill Dolly Mixture (s)
SE UCH Boltiltorps Egretta (s) KBH V-95 WW-95 NORD UCH INT UCH Black Bowie (s) NO UCH Peik NO UCH Exclyst Kestrel (s)
Ki-Ro-Ma's Estelle
Fjell-Björn D'bonnie NO UCH C-Black Spot (s)
Fjell-Björn's Ara
SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH SE JCH Almanza Born to Be Alive (s) Cerrie's Black Devil (s) NORD UCH INT UCH SE JCH Twinkles Forest Friend (s)
Cerrie's Black Sparrow (s)
Almanza Twinborntwiggy (s) NO UCH Flatty's Sako (s)
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