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Stamtavla för flat coated retriever / Pedigree for flat coated retriever
Efter/Sire: SE VCH Meadowlark Le Nozze Di Figaro
Undan/Dam: Roghöjdens Raffiga Tuva

SE VCH Meadowlark Le Nozze Di Figaro (s) NO JCH Berena's Dirty Dancer (s) NO UCH Boltiltorps Dandy Dancer (s) NO UCH NORD V-85 Lady Doc's Natanael (s) Dexmoor (s)
NORD UCH INT UCH Lady Doc's Josefina (s)
SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH SE JCH Almanza Born to Be Alive (s) Cerrie's Black Devil (s)
Almanza Twinborntwiggy (s)
Berena's Black Surprise NO UCH Hallbent Spring Lad By Withybed GB CH Withybed Country Lad
Hallbent Soft Music
Lady (s) NO UCH Caymosa Troy (s)
Aila Laika
SE UCH Sort Guld Simple-Minds (s) SE UCH O'Flanagan Ostgotica (s) SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH SE JCH Claans Ruff-Skipper (s) SE UCH Quicksilver Courage (s)
SE UCH SE JCH Puhs Sindie Lai (s)
NORD V-83 NORD UCH INT UCH O'Flanagan Rule Britannia (s) Kenstaff Mulberry of Heronsflight
Exclyst Morning Mist (s)
NORD UCH INT UCH Björshults Daysy (l) Twinwood Eddie (l) Heronsflight Saffron of Twinwood
Wizardwood Black Owl of Twinwood
Björshults Ä-Du-Min (l) Heronsflight Tinker (s)
Björshults Vicky (s)
Roghöjdens Raffiga Tuva (s) SE VCH LPI SE JCH Roghöjdens Emminente Tissot (s) SE UCH SE JCH Almanza Name of The Game (s) Cariena's Nineteen-Twelve (s) Shargleam Treecreeper (s)
Cariena's Fifteen-Ten
SE UCH Almanza Forbidden Love (s) Mountrose Gordon Eddie (s)
SE UCH Almanza Deep-Feeling (s)
Roghöjdens Tur-Emma (s) SE UCH SE JCH Micawbers Ohanes (s) SE UCH NO JCH SE JCH Micawber (s)
SE UCH Biörkhedens Candlelight (s)
SE JCH Hovhills Future (s) SE UCH SE JCH Hovhills Gambler-Man (s)
SE UCH Hovhills Kiss-Me-Quick (s)
Roghöjdens Ljuvliga Raffanna (s) SE JCH Ljuva Mons Rasmus (s) SE UCH SE JCH Hovhills Gambler-Man (s) Gunhills Aci'lius (s)
NORD UCH INT UCH SE JCH Gunhills Galant Girl (s)
Hovhills Knick-Knack (s) SE UCH Quicksilver Courage (s)
NORD UCH INT UCH Hovhills Lillefix (s)
Gunsmith Anna Karenina (s) High Leys Scott (s) Claverdon Lysander
Marlcot Nicks Woodchuck
SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Searover Loffesrandy (s) SE UCH Puhs Sandras Loffe (s)
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