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Stamtavla för flat coated retriever / Pedigree for flat coated retriever
Efter/Sire: O'Flanagan Tiger Chili
Undan/Dam: Toffedreams Galaxy

O'Flanagan Tiger Chili (s) SE U(U)CH Quills Not For Sale (s) LPI Inkwells Wild Guess (s) Belsud Black Taurus (s) Belsud Brown Guiness
Belsud Willow The Wisp
SE U(U)CH Inkwells Guess My Name (s) Black Mica's A Mixed Recipe (s)
SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Inkwells Beretta Mobilchoke (s)
Quills Wireless Connection (s) Black Mica's Hold Your Fire (l) Flat Garden's Magnus Vii (s)
SE V-01 SE U(U)CH SE V-05 FI UCH Black Mica's Don't Quench The Fire (l)
Quills Hearts Delight (s) US CH Wizardwood Pretender (s)
Quills Anna Pavlova (s)
SE U(U)CH Epice Du Val Des Granges (s) FR CH O'Flanagan Runs in The Family (s) SE U(U)CH NO UCH Almanza Urgent Message to Stormy (s) NO V-99 NO UCH Stormy's Usk Duncan (s)
NO V-98 KBH V-98 FI UCH NORD UCH INT UCH WW-00 Almanza Move Heaven and Earth (s)
SE U(U)CH O'Flanagan Det Ligger I Släkten (s) Toffedreams Cotton Eye Joe (s)
SE UCH O'Flanagan Upp Som En Sol (s)
Glädjeyran's Crêpes Soufflées (l) FR JCH INT UCH LU CH GB FTCH FR CH Javelot Du Val Des Granges Gavroche Du Val Des Granges
Manda V Felsbach
SE UCH Flaps Vilja Visa (l) TJH SE LCH SE JCH Hinnared's Mutter (s)
Flaps Artemis (l)
Toffedreams Galaxy (s) GB SHCH Calzeat Causa Commotion (s) NORD UCH INT UCH Toffedreams Micmac Pow-Pow (s) SE UCH NO UCH Comics Indian Crow (s) SE V-90-91-93 NO V-91 FI UCH NORD UCH INT UCH Almanza Larry O'grady (s)
Comics Cinderella (s)
SE V-00 FI V-01 NORD UCH INT UCH Toffedreams Stair Way to Heaven (s) SE V-00 NORD V-01 KBH V-01 FI V-01 NO UCH FI UCH Comics Acapulco (s)
SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH O'Flanagan Imposant (s)
Huntermoon Female Intuition (s) Calzeat Center of Attention (s) NORD V-98 SE V-98 NO UCH GB CH Cariena's Thirtyfour-Four (s)
Calzeat Isabella of Lancaster (s)
Huntermoon Merlot (s) WW-02 NO V-02 NORD UCH Almanza Roundabout (s)
SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Huntermoon Dressed in Copper (l)
SE U(U)CH FI UCH O'Flanagan Håll Andan (l) SE U(U)CH FI UCH Toffedreams Costa Nada (s) SE UCH FI UCH Toffedreams White-Tie Affair (l) O'Flanagan Illuster (s)
Lady Doc's Flicka I Frack (s)
SE U(U)CH Toffedreams Isle of Jura (s) NO V-96 NORD UCH INT UCH NO LCH Coalport Country Man (s)
SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH O'Flanagan Imposant (s)
Camwood Hip-Hip-Hurray (s) Camwood Try Again Sam Woodstar Niro
Camwood It's A Magic Dream
CH Varingo Moonfairy Waverton Toby Ale of Varingo
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