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Stamtavla för flat coated retriever / Pedigree for flat coated retriever
Efter/Sire: Flatcoat-Arwen's Frost
Undan/Dam: Il Sano's Corvette

Flatcoat-Arwen's Frost (s) NO JCH Polar Circus Ronaldo (s) SE VCH Il Sano's Fat Boy (s) Boltiltorps New Born News (s) Black Mica's Always An Anarchist (s)
SE UCH Berenas Magical Star
NORD UCH Inkwells Call-Girl (s) DK UCH NO JCH NORD UCH INT UCH SE JCH Lady Doc's Humbug (s)
SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Inkwells Beretta Mobilchoke (s)
Polar Circus Heather (s) GB SHCH Gayplume Dream-Maker (s) GB SHCH Kenjo Black Mark
GB SHCH Gayplume Dixie
SE UCH NO UCH Polar Circus Beate (s) JEUW-94 LU CH Gayplume Gamesmaster (s)
SE UCH DK UCH NO UCH Inspirations Favourite Polar Circus (s)
Flatcoat-Arwen's Ranja Dark Devotion Overnight Obsession (s) Rondix Tosh Wheatmill Gideon
Rondix Kaktus
SL CH VDH CH INT UCH LU CH Beck of Chelborough Blackrake Otello of Collyers (s)
Wave of Wimborne
Björshults Transfigure (s) Gowran Pheasant Tail (l) Little Red Rooster of Varingo (l)
Summer Nights Dream of Gowran (s)
Sort Guld Metallica (s) SE UCH Micawbers Silverground Carpet Flyer (s)
SE UCH Sort Guld Meta Sockerbeta (s)
Il Sano's Corvette (s) SE VCH SE UCH Red Mountain's Gold in Sankt Anton (s) SE VCH SE UCH Lustans Slight Dizzel (s) SE U(U)CH Comics Fiction Charm (s) SE V-00 NORD V-01 KBH V-01 FI V-01 NO UCH FI UCH Comics Acapulco (s)
SE VCH FI UCH NORD UCH INT UCH Comics Blue Charm (s)
SE VCH SE U(U)CH LPI Lustans Midwinter Night-Light (s) Cinnamon Midsummer Knight (s)
SE VCH SE UCH Gunhills Silent Night (s)
SE UCH Lewisia (s) SE VCH LPI SE LCH SE JCH Gunhills Happy (s) Gunhills Excelsior Q (s)
Gunhills Rödluvan (s)
SE VCH FI UCH Toffedreams Standing Ovation (s) NO V-96 NORD UCH INT UCH NO LCH Coalport Country Man (s)
O'Flanagan Tosca Sandquist (s)
Il Sano's Bon Jovi (s) SE VCH Gilliam's Gold Nothing But The Best (s) NO UCH Arkanto's Amazing Claudius Gothicus (s) NO V-96 NORD UCH INT UCH NO LCH Coalport Country Man (s)
Bunyan's Miss Shari Harrison
Gilliam's Gold Black Addiction (s) JEUW-97 KBH JV-97 EUW&KBH V-97 SE UCH DK UCH INT UCH Mirax Tiger Rag (s)
SE VCH Black Attraction Fair Play (s)
SE VCH Il Sano's Montana (s) LT CH C.I.B. FI UCH Withybed Texas Ranger (s) The Sorcerer's Apprentice From Jaev (s)
GB CH Withybed Miss Montana
SE VCH SE LCH SE JCH Il Sano's Soft Tail (s) Boltiltorps New Born News (s)
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