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Stamtavla för golden retriever / Pedigree for golden retriever
Efter/Sire: Meligolds Divine Comedy
Undan/Dam: Birdcherrys The Way Old Friends Do

Meligolds Divine Comedy (g) Honey Queen's Make It Golden Man (g) Honey Queen's Morning Hunter (g) Honey Queen's Contry Lad (g) Glendale Son-Of-A-Dream (g)
Glennessa Holly (g)
Honey Queen's Persinality (g) NO UCH Caliph of Yeo (g)
Sandemars B Penelope (g)
Glendale Classic Romance (g) NORD UCH INT UCH Mjaerumhögda's Classic Sound (g) FI UCH Noravon Cornelius (g)
NORD UCH Gitles Natascha
Linchael Romance (g) GB CH Camrose Fabius Tarquin
Linchael Chantilly
Meligolds Light Miracle (g) Festival's Pajazzo (g) NO V-90 NO UCH Shanlimore Baronet (g) GB SHCH Nortonwood Silvanus
Dabess Zelana
NO UCH Guldklimpens Olga The Comtesse (g) Dainty's Having It All (g)
Mjaerumhögda's Intermezzo (g)
Meligolds Moonlight (g) Linchael Clouded Yellow (g) GB CH Bramhills Pied Piper at Almerak
Linchael Wild Cherry of Waterspride
SE UCH Birdcherrys Melissa (g) NO UCH Dewmist Shardonnay (g)
Birdcherrys Miracle Moonbeam (g)
Birdcherrys The Way Old Friends Do (g) SE UCH NO UCH FI UCH INT UCH Cracksavon Crackerjack (g) GB CH Meant to Be at Moorquest GB CH Moorquest Mugwump Deerflite Tradition of Janville
Caprice of Yeo
Ortanique Outstep Glennessa Escapade
Janville Quaintess of Ortanique (g)
GB SHCH Muskan Most Charming of Cracksavon GB CH Gaineda Consolidator of Sansue Glennessa Escapade
GB SHCH Rachenco Charnez of Gaineda (g)
GB SHCH Hingstondown Notoriety of Muskan GB SHCH Brackengold Max
Hingstondown Lady Capulet
Birdcherrys Aspects of Love (g) Strathearn Benjamin (g) IE CH GB CH Papeta Philosopher GB CH Sansue Golden Ruler (g)
GB SHCH Westley Sophia of Papeta
IE CH Linchael Silver Ghost of Strathearn GB CH Styal Scott of Glengilde
GB SHCH Linchael Delmoss
Birdcherrys Rich of Love (g) Merrybrook's Scarlet Knight (g) NORD UCH INT UCH Mjaerumhögda's Classic Sound (g)
Merrybrook's Scarleto'hara (g)
Birdcherrys Kiss-Me-Quick (g) Styal Samarkand (g)
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