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Stamtavla för golden retriever / Pedigree for golden retriever
Efter/Sire: TJH LP Casags Feodor
Undan/Dam: Oxundas Brilliant Beatrice

TJH LP Casags Feodor (g) SE UCH Dinky April Highlight (g) NORD UCH INT UCH Apports Lightfoot (g) Apports Sound of Music (g) Goldstones Es
Morning Joy of Petrina
Apports Justine (g) Goldstones Es
NO UCH Apports Jennifer
FI UCH Adelina of Woodhill NO UCH Caliph of Yeo (g) GB CH Stolford Happy Lad
GB CH Deerflite Endeavour of Yeo
NORD V-78 Whitewater Patricia Greenglen Country Style
IE CH Whitewater Jo
Casags Wickie (g) SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH Hedetorpets Simon (g) NORD UCH INT UCH SE JCH Coxy (g) SE UCH DK UCH INT UCH Byxfield Cedar
Harmony NO UCH Wink
Golden Honey
Jessica NO UCH FI UCH Hedetorpets Roy NORD UCH INT UCH Hedetorpets Amigo (g)
NORD UCH INT UCH SE LCH Hedetorpets Honey
Hedetorpets Daisy SE UCH DK UCH INT UCH Byxfield Cedar
SE UCH NO UCH Hedetorpets Regina
Oxundas Brilliant Beatrice (g) SE UCH Kimbalee Rio-Di-Rialto (g) LP Pinecrest Byron (g) GB CH Pinecrest Salvador CH Davern Figaro
Pinecrest Patricia
Pinecrest Heidi Westley Leander of Ashwater
Ashwater Jocelyn of Pinecrest
Kimbalee Santa-Evita (g) NO UCH FI UCH NORD V-79 Deremar Donald (g) CH Davern Figaro
GB CH Deremar Rosemary
Arbutus Kimbalee (g) GB CH Pinecrest Salvador
Arbutus Peppercorn
Oxundas Charming Connie (g) Merrybrook's Master William (g) NORD UCH INT UCH Mjaerumhögda's Classic Sound (g) FI UCH Noravon Cornelius (g)
NORD UCH Gitles Natascha
Merrybrook's Mistletoe (g) SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Pengelli Lysander (g)
Apports Merry Go Round (g)
Oxundas Honeysweet Holly (g) NO UCH Caliph of Yeo (g) GB CH Stolford Happy Lad
GB CH Deerflite Endeavour of Yeo
Twinkle Moonshine Concert (g) Goldstones Es
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