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Stamtavla för golden retriever / Pedigree for golden retriever
Efter/Sire: LPI Dekals Flying Expectation
Undan/Dam: Cheer's Moonlight Lady

LPI Dekals Flying Expectation SE UCH NO UCH FI UCH INT UCH Cracksavon Crackerjack GB CH Meant to Be at Moorquest GB CH Moorquest Mugwump Deerflite Tradition of Janville
Caprice of Yeo
Ortanique Outstep Glennessa Escapade
Janville Quaintess of Ortanique
GB SHCH Muskan Most Charming of Cracksavon GB CH Gaineda Consolidator of Sansue Glennessa Escapade
GB SHCH Rachenco Charnez of Gaineda
GB SHCH Hingstondown Notoriety of Muskan GB SHCH Brackengold Max
Hingstondown Lady Capulet
Catchword Celebrity Lane Dainty's How About That Dabess Orlando GB CH Camrose Fabius Tarquin
Verfield Crystal of Dabess
Dainty's Pretty Face Rachenco Bonanza
Djurtorps Angelicka
Knegarens O'tangey Twilly Tiberius Glengilde Statesman
Noravon Charissa of Twilly
NO UCH Fanny NO UCH FI UCH NORD V-79 Deremar Donald
Tyereper Arlon
Cheer's Moonlight Lady Trisoblues Endless Hard and Fast Goldstep Hawker Hart Melfricka Co-Driver GB CH Styal Scott of Glengilde
Melfricka Verisimilitude
Goldstep Raphaela Nortonwood Secreto
Babbette of Lindys
Goldsand's Endless Dream NO UCH Mjaerumhögda's Crusader FI UCH Noravon Cornelius
NORD UCH Gitles Natascha
Dainty's Your Dream Rachenco Bonanza
Djurtorps Angelicka
Cheer's Nigella SE V-91 SE UCH NO UCH Knegarens Stars'n Stripes FI UCH Linchael Ravel GB CH Camrose Fabius Tarquin
Linchael Chantilly
Knegarens Querida NORD UCH INT UCH SE JCH Teacher's Perfect Partner
Knegarens Kathy in Knickers
Cheer's It's My Favourite Dainty's Having It All Dabess Orlando
Dainty's Pretty Face
John-Blunds Dance Around John Blunds High Fedel'ity
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