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Stamtavla för golden retriever / Pedigree for golden retriever
Efter/Sire: FI UCH Amirene Tommy Boy
Undan/Dam: Tomthult's Made in Heaven

FI UCH Amirene Tommy Boy (g) GB CH Stanroph Sailor Boy GB CH Meant to Be at Moorquest GB CH Moorquest Mugwump Deerflite Tradition of Janville
Caprice of Yeo
Ortanique Outstep Glennessa Escapade
Janville Quaintess of Ortanique (g)
Stanroph Shere Fantasy Rossbourne Trooper GB SHCH Nortonwood Checkmate
Rossbourne Harvest Gilt
Stanroph Silent Tears Gaineda Chica Beau of Stanroph
Clevarly Claire of Stanroph
Amirene Integrity GB SHCH Amirene King Eider of Davern GB SHCH Nortonwood Checkmate CH Davern Figaro
GB SHCH Nortonwood Canella
Stalyhills Miss Avenger of Amirene GB SHCH Rossbourne Timothy (g)
Janville Sarita at Stalyhills
Darris Double Dutch at Amirene GB CH Sansue Golden Ruler (g) GB CH Gaineda Consolidator of Sansue
GB SHCH Sansue Wrainbow
GB SHCH Sandusky Brigitta of Darris GB CH Camrose Fabius Tarquin
Gyrima Rebecca of Sandusky
Tomthult's Made in Heaven (g) Donshellas Glen-Grant (g) Lorinford Casimir (g) GB SHCH Lorinford Lancelot GB SHCH Nortonwood Checkmate
Lorinford Playgirl
Rosiante Ragamuffin of Lorinford Darris Double Oseven
Rosiante April Lass
Donshellas Admirefordaisy (g) NORD UCH INT UCH Mjaerumhögda's Classic Sound (g) FI UCH Noravon Cornelius (g)
NORD UCH Gitles Natascha
Dewmist Donshella (g) Styal Samarkand (g)
Dew-On-A-Daisy (g)
SE VCH Tomthult's Park Avenue Kathy (g) Moorlac Unique and Mighty (g) Ritzilyn Aristides (g) GB CH Sansue Golden Ruler (g)
Ritzilyn Heidi Hi
SE UCH Moorlac Once Upon A Time (g) Wedford Gingerbread Man (g)
Moorlac Invisible-Ogre (g)
Graceline's Earth Wind and Fire (g) Dainty's Having It All (g) Dabess Orlando (g)
Dainty's Pretty Face (g)
Graceline's Face to Grace (g) NO UCH Gyrima Zacharias (g)
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