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Stamtavla för labrador retriever / Pedigree for labrador retriever
Efter/Sire: NORD V-98 NORD UCH INT UCH Warringah's Cobblestone
Undan/Dam: Groovie's Carry On

NORD V-98 NORD UCH INT UCH Warringah's Cobblestone (s) GB CH Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway (s) Charway Uncle Tom (s) GB CH Charway Ballywill Will (s) Ballyduff Spruce
Charway Simona
Wetherlam Black Cherry of Charway (s) Wetherlam Storm of Lawnwood (s)
Wetherlam Siskin
GB SHCH Cambremer All That Jazz (s) GB CH Kupros Master Mariner (s) GB SHCH US CH Lindall Mastercraft (s)
Kupros Bridget (s)
Cambremer Montclair GB CH Fabracken Comedy Star (s)
GB SHCH Cambremer St Clair
GB CH Warringah's Whortleberry (s) GB CH Warringah's Harlech (s) GB CH Charway Ballywill Will (s) Ballyduff Spruce
Charway Simona
GB SHCH Warringah's Hot Property Secret Song of Lawnwood
Lawnwood's Hot Pants of Warringah (s)
GB CH Warringah's Flinders (s) Wetherlam Storm of Lawnwood (s) GB CH Lawnwoods Midnight Folly
Kupros Spring Folly of Wetherlam
GB CH Warringah's Fair Dinkum (g) GB CH Warringah's Fair and Square (g)
Warringah's Hot Taffy (g)
Groovie's Carry On (s) Bow-Wow (s) LPI Sea-Birds Pleasing Pipit (s) Knorrs Black Coffee (s) SE UCH FI UCH NO JCH INT UCH SE JCH Proud Classic Coffee (b)
Knorrs Coimbra (s)
Thornbreaker's Tapestky (s) Blondella Bally Who (s)
Glebehouse Black Pearl of Fabracken (s)
Groovie's Lilly of The Valley (s) FI UCH Groovie's Eagel (s) SE UCH FI UCH Puhs Black Label (s)
Groovie's Boggie (s)
Groovie's Humble-Bee (g) Powhatan Black Cedar (s)
Groovie's Famous-Finie (s)
Country Song's Bag Lady (s) Precious Friend Fire Bom (g) NO UCH FI UCH Tweedledum Murphy S Law (s) GB CH US CH CA CH Beechcrofts Danish Skydiver
Jayncourt Jingle Jangle
Precious Friend Rambling Rose (s) Precious Friend Bang On (s)
Newinn Wild Cherry (s)
TJH Country Song's Xtra Cover (s) Smart Fellow's Four Leaf Clover (g) Smart Fellow's Order From New York (s)
Smart Fellow's Believe It Or Not (g)
Guideline's Selfmade (s) Guideline's Magic Fingers (s)
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