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Stamtavla för springer spaniel / Pedigree for springer spaniel
Efter/Sire: SE U(U)CH Eastriding Black Tuxedo
Undan/Dam: Hollivera's Black Opal

SE U(U)CH Eastriding Black Tuxedo Cleavehill Sleigh Ride Jennich Just Came to Me Cleavehill Robbie Burns Balachladich Angus Og
Cleavehill Trickie Situation
Cleavehill Jewel in The Crown ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
Cleavehill Adorabubble Cleavehill Hop-Scotch Cleavehill Yorkshire Heritage
Cleavehill Tan-T-Lisa
Cleavehill Trickie Situation GB SHCH Cleavehill Huckleberry Finn
Teesview Pandoras Box of Tricks
Eastriding Ebony and Ivory Cleavehill Tri-True Spirit GB SHCH Cleavehill Yorkshire Spirit ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
Jennich Just For You at Cleavehill ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
Chetruda Yorkshire Rose of Eastridi GB SHCH Lochar Border Union ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
Chetruda Damask Rose ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
Hollivera's Black Opal SE UCH Barecho Question of Art SE UCH DK UCH NO UCH VDH CH Sieger's Midnight Special KBH V-95 WW-94 KBH V-94 NORD UCH INT UCH Whisborne Devil in Disquise NO UCH Inu-Goya Summer Blues
NO UCH INT UCH Melverly Uptown Girl
DK UCH Nobhill Sheza Love Story FI UCH INT UCH Adamant's Chance
Springdale Impressivedream
SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Barecho Everlasting Elegance Jester's Dancin' Dirty US CH Jester's Electric Horseman Cd
US CH Jester's Lil' Limerick
Barecho Artful Attraction Rowntree Knight Commander
Nobhill Dark Piece of Art
Masgårdens Splendid Sundance Cambrian's Hold On I'm Coming US CH Wierpride's Precedence US CH Salilyn's Dynasty
US CH Wierpride's Fancyfree
US CH Cambrian's Heartlight US CH Cambrian's Johnny Be Good
US CH Cambrian's Lyracist
Masgårdens Sunlight Surprise Lelica's Light's Smash Hit US CH Jester's Spotlight
Nobhill Sincerely Yours
Hammersmith's Good Vibrations Barecho Come On Cowboy
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