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Stamtavla för springer spaniel / Pedigree for springer spaniel
Efter/Sire: Accounts King of Comedy
Undan/Dam: Rowntree Xlnt Fashion at Account

Accounts King of Comedy SE U(U)CH Whisborne Playboy NORD V-01 SE U(U)CH C.I.E. NORD UCH WW-00 LU CH Whisborne Angus Og NO UCH Nimblewhit Flower Power DK UCH NO UCH GB SHCH Chaigmarsh Orchid
NO V-91-93 NO UCH INT UCH Brigadoon Scarlet's Nimblewit
Adamant's Special Colours KBH V-95 WW-94 KBH V-94 NORD UCH INT UCH Whisborne Devil in Disquise
EE CH FI UCH INT UCH Adamant's Rose D'amore
EUW-97 KBH V-97 WW-98 NORD V-99 SE U(U)CH NO UCH Whisborne Poco Loco NO UCH Inu-Goya Custom Cruiser NO UCH Inu-Goya Appealing Image
NO UCH Hazelwoods Geisha at Inu-Goya
Whisborne Intermesso KBH V-95 WW-94 KBH V-94 NORD UCH INT UCH Whisborne Devil in Disquise
NO UCH INT UCH Melverly Uptown Girl
Accounts Hey Good Lookin' SE U(U)CH Melverly Mystery Maker Clanach Crown Destiny AU CH Clanach Union Jack
AU CH Clanach Crown N Scepter
SE U(U)CH Melverly Mystery Girl NZ CH AU CH GB SHCH Chuan Chablais at Lyndora
GB SHCH Melverly Lois Lane
Rowntree Grace N'glory SE V-92 SE UCH INT UCH Rowntree Magic Touch NO UCH SE V-89 Nobhill Brightest Chance
SE V-91 Rowntree Eastern Parade
Hammersmith's Living Legend Gramp's Grande Edition
Rowntree Living Doll
Rowntree Xlnt Fashion at Account SE U(U)CH SE V-03 AU CH Fraelighte Full Frontal AU CH Cleavehill Bob Sleigh Cleavehill Sleigh Ride Jennich Just Came to Me
Cleavehill Adorabubble
GB SHCH Cleavehill Bewitched Cleavehill Yorkshire Trail
Cleavehill Nellie Mozer
AU CH Fraelighte For Play AU CH Tholia Takit to Themax AU CH Fraelighte Flying Intime
AU CH US CH Ocoee Ravens Child
AU CH Fraelighte Flame Damour AU CH Fraelighte Flying Intime
NZ CH AU CH Maketawa Mona Lisa
SE U(U)CH Rowntree in My Mind SE U(U)CH Tailwind's Lucky Charm SE U(U)CH Mistily's Wizard From Oz KBH V-95 WW-94 KBH V-94 NORD UCH INT UCH Whisborne Devil in Disquise
Beeline Gilly's Bittersweet
SE U(U)CH Tailwind's Twisted Sister SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Orrlyran's Hunter
SE UCH Tailwind's Upside-Down
SE U(U)CH Rowntree Pure Velvet FI UCH Adamant's Gengis Khan FI UCH Inu-Goya Antaeus
Adamant's La Grande Dame
Rowntree Your Highness NO UCH Wadeson Thomas Magnum
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