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Stamtavla för springer spaniel / Pedigree for springer spaniel
Efter/Sire: SE U(U)CH Trimere Triathlon
Undan/Dam: Beeline Party Paintwork

SE U(U)CH Trimere Triathlon GB SHCH Ardencote Astute Ardencote Assurance GB CH Ardencote Alexander GB CH Cliffhill Julius
GB CH Ardencote Tapestry
Trying Time at Trimere ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
Mompesson Remarkable at Ardencote Mompesson Formula One Mompesson Dream Chaser
Gleadsbury Just So of Mompesson
GB CH Mompesson Remember Me GB SHCH Hawkhill Starsky
Mompesson Country Girl
GB SHCH Trimere Tuscany GB SHCH Mompesson Classic Edition GB SHCH Mompesson Just The Ticket Mompesson Dream Chaser
Gleadsbury Just So of Mompesson
Mompesson Sweet and Smart GB SHCH Speeton Seafarer
Mompesson Double Intake at Salliden
GB SHCH Aurorsky Gemini at Trimere GB SHCH Trimere Terrahawk Mompesson Dream Chaser
Trimere Tudor Treasure
Ardencote Aurora Ardencote Assurance
Ardencote Aldernette
Beeline Party Paintwork SE U(U)CH NO UCH Sanque's Perry Mason Sanque's Kevin Costner Beeline Sunset Strip SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH NORD V-78 Cliffhill Gossips Fieldday
NORD UCH INT UCH Brigadoon C Remy Martin
Brigadoon Cb Lovely Alexia NO UCH FI UCH INT UCH Brigadoon New Generation of York
NO UCH Whisborne Carte Blanche
Sanque's It's A Miracle WW-91 KBH V-92 WW-89 KBH V-89 NORD UCH Strathnaver Barley Wine GB SHCH Bowswood Barley Corn
Dallowgill Wood Wych
NO UCH Beeline English Eclair NORD UCH Springstar's Black Cock
Brigadoon Fern of Easingwold
Beeline Believe It Or Not SE U(U)CH Springertorpets Hassan SE UCH NO UCH Wallstoons Jet-Set Lavrevikens Only-You
SE UCH INT UCH Rowntree Mary Clare
SE UCH Brigadoon Cb Corn Dolly SE UCH NO UCH Brigadoon Serenade's Legato
NO UCH Whisborne Carte Blanche
Beeline Make Believe SE UCH DK UCH NO UCH VDH CH Sieger's Midnight Special KBH V-95 WW-94 KBH V-94 NORD UCH INT UCH Whisborne Devil in Disquise
DK UCH Nobhill Sheza Love Story
Beeline Alive'n Kicking The Alexander Av Simmatorp
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