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Stamtavla för welsh springer spaniel / Pedigree for welsh springer spaniel
Efter/Sire: NO UCH Vindhäxan's Hemingway
Undan/Dam: Freckles Bagatelle

NO UCH Vindhäxan's Hemingway NO UCH Triggers Oliver Triggers Dixon Plattburn Pimlico GB SHCH Denethorp Dihewyd
Patmyn Piepowder
Trixie Benefactor of Brent
NO UCH Maroons Jessica
NO UCH Triggers Cayenne Tarbay Rowley of Stokecourt GB SHCH Plattburn Perchance
My Fanwy of Tarbay
SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH SE JCH Triggers Bonny Lass NORD UCH INT UCH Mustela F. Publikan
Fanny Richard of Brent Taffy of Brent GB CH Statesman of Tregwillym
Gwyneth Bach of Brent
Myfanwy of Brent GB SHCH Bruce of Brent
Clytha Dilys
Himledalens Petra Tidemarsh Ruff GB CH Tidemarsh Tidemark
Lingholm Rhoda
Maroons Fuchsia NO UCH Bryn of Tarbay
Jemima of Tarbay
Freckles Bagatelle Trigger of Stokecourt Riscoris Edward of Stokecourt Stokecourt Samson Stokecourt Sam
Lingholm Rhoda
Riscoris Red Satin Cholesbury Sun Wadi
Bronze Maid of Fenholme
Mooses Delight Ben of Tarbay Quest of Tarbay
GB SHCH Jenny of Tarbay
Myfanwy of Chazey Seek Forrard Daniel
Broxamoor Meg Merrilees
NO UCH Triggers Wait and See Chiltern Haig of Huttons Riscoris Evan of Presthill Stokecourt Samson
Riscoris Red Satin
Huttons Juno of Hambleden Quest of Tarbay
Victoria of Howberrywood
NO UCH Nutbourne Red Flash Hackwood Kingfisher Presthill Gift Acre
Hillpark Sea Breeze of Hackwood
Nutbourne Belle Bronwyn Rossut Stroller
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