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Stamtavla för flat coated retriever / Pedigree for flat coated retriever
Efter/Sire: SE UCH Törnfåglarnas Kasper
Undan/Dam: SE VCH Karlavagnens Hedda-De-Doll

SE UCH Törnfåglarnas Kasper (s) SE VCH NORD UCH INT UCH Almanza Hell's Angel (s) KBH V-95 WW-95 NORD UCH INT UCH Black Bowie (s) NO UCH Peik NO UCH Exclyst Kestrel (s)
Ki-Ro-Ma's Estelle
Fjell-Björn D'bonnie NO UCH C-Black Spot (s)
Fjell-Björn's Ara
NORD V-96 DK UCH NORD UCH INT UCH Almanza Heaven Or Hell (s) SE V-90-91-93 NO V-91 FI UCH NORD UCH INT UCH Almanza Larry O'grady (s) Gunhills Ear of Esophagus (s)
Scarlet-O'hara (s)
NO UCH Almanza Now Or Never (s) Cariena's Nineteen-Twelve (s)
SE UCH Almanza Forbidden Love (s)
Törnfåglarnas Marchioness (s) SE UCH Gunhills Greven Av Luxenburg (s) Engelen All Right Now (s) NO UCH Cariena's Fifteen-Eight (s)
SE UCH LP Engelen She's The One (s)
Gunhills Persefone (s) Gunhills Orantes (s)
SE UCH Gunhills Afrodite (s)
Carinhs Kaje-Hanter (s) Dallas (s) NORD UCH INT UCH Latchford Snobben (s)
I-Dont-Mind (s)
Carinhs Sacka (s) Tryggs Isac (s)
Crestine (s)
SE VCH Karlavagnens Hedda-De-Doll (s) DK UCH NO JCH NORD UCH INT UCH SE JCH Lady Doc's Humbug (s) SE V-90-91-93 NO V-91 FI UCH NORD UCH INT UCH Almanza Larry O'grady (s) Gunhills Ear of Esophagus (s) SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH Gunhills Criss-Cross (s)
Gunhills Little Ear of Maize (s)
Scarlet-O'hara (s) NO UCH Puhs Raven (s)
Tar-Miriel (s)
SE UCH Searover Tildas Signe (s) SE UCH O'rust Holebright (s) Woodman (s)
Torpedos Black-Beauti (s)
SE UCH SE LCH SE JCH Lady Doc's Matilda (s) NORD UCH INT UCH Star (s)
NORD UCH INT UCH Lady Doc's Josefina (s)
Widomain Dolly-De-Nos (s) Browneyes Deerfoot (s) SE UCH Quicksilver Courage (s) GB CH Courtbeck Mercury
Wyndhamian Carmella
Hovhills Refined-Love (s) NORD UCH INT UCH SE JCH Twinkles Forest Friend (s)
SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Hovhills Charmergirl (s)
LP Widomain Nosey-For-Fun (s) Bramatha Copper Najinsky (l) Norseman of Atherbram
Atherbram Ability
LP Lopplådans Funny-Flea (s) NORD UCH INT UCH NORD JCH INT JCH O'Flanagan Free As Air (s)
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